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How to Get Around Gamstop

Many UK players have been searching for the best way to beat the notorious self-exclusion scheme. If you are one of them, you’ll be glad to know you can return to gambling with real money after a successful Gamstop bypass.

Our guide will show you the way to get around the scheme’s restrictions by placing your wagers on non Gamstop betting sites UK and by using simple & easy methods. There is no need to do further research on how to avoid Gamstop as we’ve already found multiple solutions to your problem. Plus, we’ll objectively discuss the advantages of avoiding Gamstop bookies, as well as the drawbacks of doing so. We will also answer all the burning questions around avoiding Gamstop’s blocking and explain how to cancel Gamstop too.

Bookmakers that bypass Gamstop

Ways to get around Gamstop with ease

UK players can turn to several strategies to successfully avoid getting blocked by the Gamstop scheme. Whether you use one of these or combine a few, you will find it easy to evade your self-exclusion plan. We have compiled the best ways around Gamstop and showcase them below.

Bet on Non-UK bookies

The most logical alternative to UKGC-licensed bookmakers is to seek out non-UK betting sites and join them. Find sites that do not belong in the Gamstop network and create a new account with them. It should be a reputable operator accepting British players, yet without a licence from the UKGC.

Use VPN software

If you want to place your bets on an online bookie that is not accessible from the UK, you can set up a VPN software and avoid Gamstop. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow users to play casino games and bet on sporting events outside their jurisdiction. A VPN will change your geolocation and make the internet “believe” you are located somewhere else.

Opt for crypto bookmakers

Another solution to the problem of Gamstop restrictions would be to register at a crypto sportsbook. Such betting sites offer the benefit of an anonymous account, meaning you won’t have to disclose or prove your identity. Gamstop targets your identity, so, if you opt for a crypto bookie it won’t have any data to use to enforce gambling limitations upon your account.

Choose no verification sportsbooks

While there aren’t any ‘no verification’ online bookies licensed in the UK; you can find selected bookmakers without verification among a wide range of sites outside of UKGC’s jurisdiction. Look for sportsbooks on which you can sign up quickly and without the hassle of uploading documents. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t ask for authentication when the time comes to withdraw your winnings for the first time.

Bet through a shared account

You can still bet at a UK-licensed site if you use a shared account. This would mean to use an account in the name of someone else, preferably a friend or a partner. It is important that this person doesn’t have any direct relation to your identity or address. You can take turns in using the account, but he or she needs to be the one managing the transactions, as they can’t be registered in your name.

Use someone else’s account

This option is similar to the previous one. However, a shared account is used by both persons. Here, you would be using someone else’s details to set up an account for yourself. It needs to be a person who is not registered on Gamstop, so you can move past the exclusion. This way of avoiding Gamstop requires the other person’s consent and would also mean you would have to use specific payment methods to deposit and withdraw – ones that provide anonymity.

Place your wagers at betting shops

Since the Gamstop network only includes online betting, you can avoid the consequences of signing up with a Gamstop operator by placing your bets at brick-and-mortar venues. While this method is less convenient, it is still a legitimate solution and provides a way to surpass that obstacle.

Wait until the self-exclusion is over

Still haven’t decided how to get around self-exclusion? In that case, the best way would probably be to simply wait until your account block is over. Then, you may resume betting using your authentic details at legit online bookmakers once the self-exclusion period expires.

Why is it worth it to get around Gamstop

We can all agree that it takes audacity to circumvent Gamstop. The network is huge in the UK, including many high-quality gambling hubs, leaving you with little space for manoeuvring. Still, we’ve shown that bypassing Gamstop is possible through various ways. The points listed below explain why it is worth it to avoid sites on Gamstop.

⚡ Avoid UKGC regulations

By signing up with sites not on Gamstop, you also evade UKGC’s limitations. The British regulator caps stakes’ size, imposes demanding wagering conditions and favours the use of traditional banking methods that can be easily tracked. You bypass all that.

⚡ Ability to bet on exotic bookies

Staying away from Gamstop betting sites opens a whole new world of exotic options. With the help of a VPN software, you can explore new sportsbooks from all over the world. You may find foreign operators offering more competitive odds, better promotions and more convenient payment methods.

⚡ Start betting immediately

Indulging in sports betting not on Gamstop eliminates long procedures, verifications and pending withdrawals. You can find a good crypto bookie, sign up in a flash and start placing bets without a moment wasted. Being able to do so, gives you an edge Gamstop-compliant bettors do not have.

⚡ Additional source of funds

Websites registered with Gamstop are obligated to promote recreational gambling, while scrutinising those who bet to increase their income. If you see yourself as a professional gambler who’s into football betting not on Gamstop or bets on other sports to secure an additional source of funds; you are free to carry on with your betting activities once you avoid Gamstop.

What are the cons of getting around Gamstop

If you have firmly decided to get around Gamstop and all the restrictions it represents, you’ll need to take the bad with the good. Besides the benefits we’ve described above, there are some drawbacks included too. Here is a list of the most important ones.

❌ Potential financial issues

Gambling outside of the Gamstop network may incur negative impacts on your finances. There may be unfavourable consequences like debt or a deteriorated credit rating. It is essential to remember that you should only gamble with what you can afford to lose. Otherwise, you’ll probably need to put in great effort into staying in control of your spending.

❌ Return to gambling addiction

If you have a history of gambling addiction, avoiding Gamstop exclusion is a bad idea. No matter how eager you are to come back to gambling, it should never be as frequent and intense as before, so that you do not fall back to problem gambling again.

❌ Possibility to get scammed

In your quest to find independent sites and avoid Gamstop stipulations, you may fall into a trap. There are scam sites posing as attractive sportsbooks, luring punters while offering questionable software and rigged games. Only join reviewed, fast-paying operators who have gained a decent reputation within the betting community.

Is it legal to get past Gamstop?

is-it-legalFinding legal Gamstop work around methods recommended by top sources is not a realistic thing. UK laws do not deem legal the action of skipping self-exclusion, as they strive to achieve the opposite. The legal framework wants you to remain excluded and not go back to gambling. However, the procedures of skipping Gamstop can be carried out safely by UK players and without causing harm to anyone.

As a result, there are no legal repercussions for someone who has avoided gambling restrictions. In other words, you won’t be doing anything illegal, pay any fines, or suffer significant consequences. That said, avoiding Gamstop is not a solution for gambling addicts or players who have experienced life-affecting issues, but rather for those who have self-excluded by mistake and cannot override the system.

How to bypass Gamstop with safety

bypass-gamstopGetting around Gamstop has risks, which is why extra care is advised for your safety. Even if you set aside self-exclusion and resume betting, you still want to be in a safe gambling environment. Luckily, it is possible to place bets outside the Gamstop scheme and still do it at trusted bookies with all the security measures in place.

Experience has shown that the safest way to go around Gamstop is to opt for a non-UK licensed bookie. Even though such sites do not have an active UKGC licence, they do have a licence elsewhere. They are regulated and take care of their players, providing protection over their personal and financial data. Seek alternatives at offshore betting sites with respected licences, and you will find satisfactory security levels to keep gambling safely.

How to get past Gamstop unnoticed?

There are various ways you can get around Gamstop. If you have self-excluded, try one of the methods we’ve presented above, like using a VPN or a shared betting account.

Can you get around Gamstop if your self-exclusion is on?

Yes, you can. You can target gambling sites which are not on Gamstop, join offshore bookies, use someone else’s account, or use other alternative methods.

How can I easily get around Gamstop?

The easiest way of getting around Gamstop is to find an offshore betting site that accepts British players. There are also other options, like using a friend’s account who is not banned by Gamstop.

Is there a way around Gamstop in the UK?

If you are wondering how to get around Gamstop UK, there are multiple ways of doing so. From choosing a no verification bookie to placing bets at land-based betting shops, there is a wide range of options to bypass Gamstop’s self-exclusion.

How to beat Gamstop for good?

You can beat your Gamstop self-exclusion by using a friend’s details to open an account. An alternative way would be to wait for the self-exclusion period to expire, then come back to betting being well-rested and focused. Keep problem gambling habits at bay, and you will never use Gamstop again.