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Betfilter Review

Gambling addiction is a massive problem for players in the United Kingdom and online betting has led to its rise. One of the means for battling this issue is the use of gambling blocking software such as the Betfilter app. This piece of software has been designed to help players gain control over their gambling activity. In practice, it prevents bettors in the United Kingdom from visiting a wide range of sites; but not non Gamstop betting sites UK.

In this article you will learn more about Betfilter. How it works, its advantages & disadvantages and how to remove it from your device. Moreover, we will offer you information about decent Betfilter alternatives, in case you wish to indulge in sports betting not on Gamstop. Last but not least, you‘ll be able to find a list of the best non Betfilter gambling sites. Continue reading if you wish to discover everything about this practical application.

How the Betfilter app works

how-betfilter-worksBefore using it, you must first visit the app store on your device, smartphone or tablet and download the app. After that, you should also download it to your PC and create a new Betfilter account. Since the Betfilter app is not free, you‘ll need a license to use it on your device. The protection for a single device costs $69,95 per year, while the price for a two-year licence is $118,90. Installing the app on more devices will adjust the price accordingly. As soon as your subscription has been activated, you‘ll be able to choose your exclusion period, during which you won‘t be able to access any gambling site at all.

Can I use Betfilter for iPhone?

use-on-iphoneThe Betfilter application can be installed on any type of mobile device. Including any smartphone running the iOS operating system. To get Betfilter for iPhone, there are a couple of things you should do. First, visit the iOS store, find the Betfilter app or BF browser and download it. The next step is registering an account and paying a fee for your device. If you have more than one iOS-compatible mobile phone, you’ll need a multiple devices license. After you complete this process, all your iPhone devices will offer the maximum level of protection.

Is there Betfilter for Android?

use-on-androidOwners of Android devices can also use Betfilter to protect themselves from the harmful effects of gambling. Getting Betfilter for Android is easy. You first need to visit the Google Play Store, where you’ll find the Betfilter app or BF browser; download it and install it on your device. Before you can benefit from the protection it offers, you’ll have to create a new account and pay the fee for your device (or more than one, if needed). Choose your exclusion period, and you’re good to go.

What are the pros of Betfilter

Hundreds of thousands of users have installed Betfilter on their devices, making this software one of the most popular gambling blockers in the market. Supported across all platforms, the app represents the perfect solution for anyone. Here are the main benefits of using this blocker:

⚡ Helps you control gambling addiction

Betfilter is an ideal tool for controlling your gambling activities. In addition to being simple and discreet, the software blocks only relevant content. It will increase your safety online and, most importantly, completely prevent you from accessing online gambling websites.

⚡ One of the cheapest paid options

Price is a crucial factor when choosing a product of any kind. Betfilter is among the best choices, as it doesn’t cost much compared to its market rivals. A licence fee of $69,95 per year covers a single desktop computer. In addition, it comes with an app for your mobile device and a free AdBlocker.

⚡ Efficient support and guidance

In contrast to the disappointing customer support provided by some of its competitors, Betfilter pays particular attention to its customer care department. The product boasts dedicated support agents and offers users a detailed installation guide. Even users who have some general complaints over it, have praised its support.

Which are the cons of Bet Filter

Tackling such a severe issue as gambling addiction is not an easy task. That’s why self-exclusion platforms sometimes fail to deliver the same quality of performance in all areas. Even Bet Filter has certain drawbacks. These include the following:

❌ The software is lagging

Although we didn’t face any problems while testing the Betfilter app, quite a few users reportedly did. According to them, the platform has plenty of issues that impact the overall experience. Some users even managed to exploit these glitches and gain access to gambling sites using popular services like Gmail.

❌ Its customer service is slow

Betfilter prides itself on its customer service’s efficiency and we even credited this factor as one of the platform’s advantages. However, some users state that the support team hasn’t been as helpful as they expected. Others claimed that some of the support agents were incompetent and failed to provide timely assistance.

❌ Malfunction issues on mobile

There are many complaints from UK users, particularly those who use Betfilter on their mobile. They say the software doesn’t work on their devices, which in many cases leads to a relapse. According to reports, the most frequent problem is the application crashing the system.

How to uninstall Betfilter with ease

how-to-unistallIf you want to uninstall Betfilter, there are a few things you need to know. The process is simple, but in order to complete it, you’ll need to cancel your subscription first. The app won’t allow any unauthorised uninstallation. We have to point out that Betfilter represents a complex blocking solution that can’t be easily bypassed. To complete the Betfilter uninstall process, you’ll need a security password provided by the support team. This level of security enables the software to operate successfully and without any loopholes.

Top Betfilter alternatives

If you’ve been carefully reading this Betfilter review, you already know the app is an excellent solution for preventing gambling problems. However, it may not suit everyone’s needs; hence, here are some alternatives you can use.

⭐ Betblocker

Betblocker is a free app that allows users to block gambling sites. It offers an excellent level of protection by preventing gamblers from gaining access to more than 13,000 internet sites. It also provides a wide range of exclusion options, from 1 day up to 5 years. However, if you wonder how to remove Betblocker, there’s always a way.

⭐ Gamban

Although there’s a free version of this app, the paid variant will allow you to make the most of its possibilities. You can pay £2,49 per month or spend £24,99 for a year. No matter which option you choose, you get a license for an unlimited number of devices. However, if you change your mind, you can learn how to bypass Gamban with ease.

⭐ Gamblock

Gamblock is one of the oldest blockers available for players in the United Kingdom. It was launched in 2000 and is highly effective in blocking access to gambling sites. The app’s database is updated regularly. The licence fee depends on how many devices you plan to protect, as well as on their operating systems.

⭐ Net Nanny

Net Nanny is an internet filter that helps users avoid betting sites. It’s not free, although it comes with a fourteen-day trial period. If you decide to purchase it, you’ll pay from $11 for a single device to $55 for five devices, regardless of their operating systems.

Are there any Non Betfilter Bookmakers?

You can keep on enjoying football betting not on Gamstop even if you have installed Betfilter. To do so, visit any non Betfilter bookmaker. Such bookmakers are not under the jurisdiction of the UKGC. The ones we list below are reputable and accept professional gamblers.

Is Betfilter a free online blocker?

No, Betfilter is a paid application. If you wish to protect one device, you'll have to pay $69,95 per year. A two-year licence costs $118,90.

What kind of sites can I block with Betfilter?

Since Betfilter is a gambling blocking app for desktop and mobile devices, it's used to prevent players from accessing UK-licensed betting sites.

How to bypass Betfilter easily?

There are plenty of ways to remove Betfilter from your device. But remember, it's not enough to just delete Betfilter. You'll have to cancel your subscription first.